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  • STORY I was working as a corporate lawyer in New York when I discovered my passion for great burgers. While still practising law, I started working part-time at a Lower East Side burger joint. After a few weeks, I realised that it was time to quit using my law degree to shuffle papers. I handed in my notice, packed up my belongings, my framed law degree and my pillow, and left my midtown office. The next day I started rolling up my sleeves and learning what it takes to make one of the best burgers NYC has to offer.

    A year later, I moved from New York to London to get married and follow my burger dreams. I bought a truck, stuck a kitchen inside it and named it Bleecker St. Burger, after the iconic NYC street that connects the East Village to the West Village in downtown Manhattan.

    THE FOOD We serve burgers and fries. Our beef comes from small farms across England. America ain't got nothing on this beef. The buns we use are light and slightly sweet. They complement the robustness of the meat. And of course you can't have a burger without the best cheese in the world, good ole American. We do offer blue cheese too, but shhh, don't tell the burger purists.

    You won't find any chips here! We serve fries, medium cut with the skins left on and with a few sweet potatoes thrown in for good measure.


    London Burger Bash Final Winner

    London Burger Bash Round 3 Winner

    THE REVIEWS The extraordinarily thing about the deceptively ordinary Bleecker burger is that it’s at once beefy, juicy, creamy, sweet and salty without feeling dirty. Rarely if ever will you find aged beef of this quality in a street burger” Young & Foodish - Ranked 6th best burger in London Sept 2013


    “This was my personal favourite. Rich, meaty, juicy, cheesy, everything a burger should be.” The Londoner

    “The medium rare patties are soft and perfectly grilled, juicy and full of flavour, the cheese melted to just the right consistency and the sauce has a sweet edge” Shortlist - 4/5 Feb 2013

    “Of all the burgers I’ve had across the world. Nothing beats a Bleecker double cheeseburger. Simply perfect.” The Burger Addict - 10/10 December 2012

    “The burgers are unpretentious, straight up and mouth-waterinly awesome” Burgerac - 5/5 Stars

    “Melt-in-the-mouth aged beef patties, cooked a perfect medium-rare to boot. This, my burger-loving friends, is a Meat Win.” Hamburger-Me - 9/10 October 2012

    “There was a fantastic flavour with this patty, one of the best I have tasted.””Classic American cheese, with a great burger sauce smothered on top. It was tangy and worked beautifully as an ensemble.” Burgaffair - Ranked #2 in London Sept 2012

    “The best burger in London. Full stop, hands down” ”My death-row meal may well be a Zan double cheeseburger” AllThingsMeaty - 10/10 April 2013

    “They definitely are US-inspired sandwiches: the cheese is trademark thick-gloop melted American, the buns are pretty decent sesame-seeded examples, robust, but steering clear of the current trend for brioche. The Yorkshire beef is moist and the patties are generously salted” Burger Anarchy

    “London’s 6 hottest new burgers” Zagat - August 2012

    “Best lunch ever” @SeasonedEvents Feb 2013

  • Are you having a Party? Our burger truck can come to your office, bar, or wherever else you want to throw a shindig and cook up some burgers and fries.


    Contact Number 07712540501

    Email us for information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    twitter @bleeckerburger


  • London's 6 Hottest New Burgers
    Zagat, Aug. 27 2012 

    "With so many food trucks opening as restaurants, we were happy to discover Bleecker Street Burger, a new food truck, which opened this summer. These are real New York burgers served by real New Yorkers." 


angry fries 2
double icious9
fries - tom
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